Aslan Realty Group’s business model emphasizes the procurement of unique core plus assets and under-performing multi-family properties where renovation and improved management can effectively reposition the community to a new market level.
Locations:  Southern California – Greater Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties
Northern California – Greater San Francisco
Washington – Greater Seattle
Project Size: Size:   50 – 500 units
Value: $10– $100 Million
(Aslan Realty Group evaluates portfolio opportunities)
Project Condition/Age: Class “B” or better
Typically, 10-40 years old
Investment Style: CORE PLUS and VALUE-ADD: Acquisitions typically benefit from renovation and management improvement. The local sub-market must allow for repositioning of the property with higher rents post-renovation. The sub-market should also have favorable market dynamics.
Renovation Scope: From cosmetic to significant physical changes. Renovations typically range between $5,000 to $30,000 per unit.

For more information about marketing an asset to Aslan Realty Group, please contact:

Tom Rakow